Parent resources for use during the Covid-19 crisis

A number of organisations have prepared a variety of parent and general online resources which we feel are of value to the ADHD Community and so during these extraordinary times of Covid-19 ADHD Australia would like to share these with you.

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Events are now Online

During the Covid-19 crisis many of the ADHD Support Groups a have moved their meetings, information webinars and conferences online.
To view these ONLINE EVENTS please head to our news & events section.

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TV stars wanted for epic 6-day Adventure!

We have an exciting update! ADHD Australia is working with the Producers of Australia’s newest travel TV series ‘Adventure All Stars’ to find cast members!

We’re looking for people to undertake an unforgettable journey to a secret Aussie location for a week of fun and adventure (filmed in 2022). How would you like to star in an award-winning TV show that’s broadcast in 25 countries to a viewership approaching 100 million people… and fundraise for a great cause? BONUS: net proceeds from this TV project will support ADHD Australia.

The trip, the TV show and all the fun in between!
Every episode in this ground-breaking television series features real-life cast members undertaking an unforgettable 6-day journey. Pre-filming all participants raise funds for ADHD Australia, and their reward for doing so is a starring role on TV. ‘Adventure All Stars’ is the ultimate road trip where TV viewers get to experience incredible locations through the eyes of an engaging cast. Produced by the internationally acclaimed Charity TV Global, this media format provides a platform to see the world and be socially responsible.

How do I become a TV Cast Member on Adventure All Stars?
Visit and complete a TV Cast Member application form.

View testimonials from past TV cast here:

Watch this exciting 60-second video for a snapshot of the life-changing adventure YOU could be in for!

"Our vision is to make Australia a better place for people living with ADHD"

About ADHD

ADHD is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder which has both positive and negative attributes. Finding out more about ADHD, as it relates to your own circumstances, is a great start at knowing how your ADHD can be managed.

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There are a number of support groups across Australia. These can help you find people going through similar challenges as well as practical information which is delivered through their regular support group meetings.

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You can help ADHD Australia in a variety of ways. You can donate directly to our advocacy and information activities or you can volunteer your time and expertise or share your stories, views and opinions via our regular newsletter.

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