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Parent resources for use during the Covid-19 crisis

A number of organisations have prepared a variety of parent and general online resources which we feel are of value to the ADHD Community and so during these extraordinary times of Covid-19 ADHD Australia would like to share these with you.

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Events are now Online

During the Covid-19 crisis many of the ADHD Support Groups a have moved their meetings, information webinars and conferences online.
To view these ONLINE EVENTS please head to our news & events section.

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"Our vision is to make Australia a better place for people living with ADHD"

About ADHD

ADHD is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder which has both positive and negative attributes. Finding out more about ADHD, as it relates to your own circumstances, is a great start at knowing how your ADHD can be managed.

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There are a number of support groups across Australia. These can help you find people going through similar challenges as well as practical information which is delivered through their regular support group meetings.

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How can I help

You can help ADHD Australia in a variety of ways. You can donate directly to our advocacy and information activities or you can volunteer your time and expertise or share your stories, views and opinions via our regular newsletter.

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