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ADHD Australia is a national, independent, non-profit organisation which is committed to removing barriers to wellbeing for those people affected by ADHD (Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder), including their families, through education and advocacy.

ADHD Australia was formed from a need to stand up for, and support, people impacted by ADHD in order to optimise positive outcomes for individuals, families and the community at large.

ADHD Australia recognises the valuable work already being done throughout Australia and also recognises the significant gaps in services in parts of Australia desperately in need of support. Our aim is to support these efforts where support already exists rather than duplicate or compete with these existing state or regional activities.

We will use donations to fund programs that raise awareness and improve the quality of life for people with ADHD and their families. We will do this by providing information and helping people with ADHD share their stories and questions through our newsletter, 'the Voice', and through social media networks. We will also raise awareness to reduce stigma for those with ADHD through our advocacy and education campaigns.

ADHD Australia is a registered charity with the Australian Charity and Not-for-profits Commission.

ADHD Australia will aim to:

  1. Promote ADHD issues and awareness in Australia and the region.
  2. Provide a structure to facilitate cooperative communication between ADHD-focused organisations nationally.
  3. Act as a speaker organisation on ADHD and related issues around Australia and its region when needed with other industry peak bodies and government.
  4. Support member organisations in their operations as needed, and in their support of their members.
  5. Coordinate and/or communicate national and regional ADHD-related activities around Australia.
  6. Encourage and support the provision of state based and local network services throughout Australia.


Formed in 2014 from the combined efforts of volunteer state community groups

Our efforts are focused on the 1.2m Australians who have ADHD and their families

Early diagnosis and management will give a better long term outcome

October is ADHD Awareness month