Our Ambassadors support ADHD Australia by promoting the work we do as widely as possible and to encourage others to support ADHD Australia. This in turn enables people to hear more about ADHD, raising awareness, improving community understanding and inspiring others to use the positive asects of ADHD in their daily life.

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Heath Shaw

Heath Shaw was an AFL professional athlete for 16 years and 325 games for Collingwood and GWS. He is also a social commentator and a recent contender on SAS Australia (Channel 7).Heath was diagnosed with ADHD in Year 8 after experiencing learning and behavioural problems throughout school. Heath's strong AFL experience and the challenges he overcame on SAS Australia, demonstrate that anything is possible for those with ADHD.Heath says: "I’m excited to team with ADHD Australia to help people understand what it is, how people with ADHD behave and most importantly release the stigma surrounding it".

Rose Callaghan

Rose Callaghan

Rose Callaghan is a Melbourne-based award winning stand-up comedian, actor, writer and presenter.

She gained attention within the ADHD community with her hit debut solo show “Attention Deficit…Ooh a Pony!” which went on to win the BEST COMEDY award at Sydney Fringe Festival and had a run of sold out shows at Perth Fringe World, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe Festival. She further cemented her voice as an advocate for ADHD after writing a popular opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald about her experience being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 32.

Rose is a sought after voice on the airwaves and a prolific social media poster and podcaster. She's been advocating for better awareness of adult ADHD even before TikTok was a thing and does a variety of awareness work in the mental health space, mostly around ADHD. Rose has been an ambassador for ADHD Australia since 2019.