Our Ambassadors support ADHD Australia by promoting the work we do as widely as possible and to encourage others to support ADHD Australia. This in turn enables people to hear more about ADHD, raising awareness, improving community understanding and inspiring others to use the positive asects of ADHD in their daily life.


Rose Callaghan

Rose Callaghan is a Sydney based award winning stand-up comedian, media personality and ADHD spokesperson.

Rose is passionate about mental health and is known for her no holds barred humorous accounts of these struggles. Her debut solo show about her diagnosis with ADHD at 32 years was called "Attention Deficit…Ooh a Pony!” until she got bored of the name and changed it. The irony of that is not lost on her.

In celebration of ADHD awareness month 2018 Rose wrote an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald about discovering she had ADHD - Watching Hannah Gadsby I had a light bulb moment:. During 2019 Rose was invited to open and speak about her personal experience of ADHD at ADHD Australia’s Community and Carers Information afternoon in Brisbane.

As an ADHD Australia ambassador, Rose advocates for the wider community to understand that ADHD is just another part of human diversity which requires both understanding, from the researched evidence, and acceptance to enable all to shine in their own way.

Rose also consults as a social media & content strategist, frequently working with large agencies. She is fascinated with how technology can be used as a tool to assist adults with ADHD. She is also passionate about spreading understanding of neuro-diverse people in the workplace to help them utilise the unique gifts that ADHD provides.


Jeffrey Choy

Jeffrey Choy, LLB, BSc, is a practicing solicitor with a science degree in vertebrate physiology and genetics and a Migration Agent.  In addition to his legal experience, he has accumulated over 75 years of small business expertise gained through a range of businesses.

Jeffrey has been a wedding photographer and hairdresser in his former careers. His real passion is the law and founded a legal practice, JCL Legal, after returning to study much later in life. Being from the Australian/China community he often speaks to individuals and groups from China regarding Australian Law.

ADHD has been a part of the genetic inheritance of his family with his father, sons and himself having this characteristic. He sees ADHD as providing both benefits and challenges to his life. ADHD has enabled Jeffrey to succeed in some areas in his life whilst in others it has created great challenges. He says that once diagnosed, and on specific ADHD medication, his world really opened up to enable him to go to university and study the law. The results speak for themselves with his high marks.

As an ambassador for ADHD Australia, Jeffrey brings his personal experience and research into the latest developments in ADHD. He appeared on Studio 10’s morning talk show with Dr Hugh Morgan and was able to share his own personal life’s journey as well as his relationship with his father and sons. It is his wish to educate the wider Australian community that ADHD symptoms are a normal characteristic of human personality. It has its benefits and challenges for those affected but when controlled can provide abundant opportunities.