Our Symbol

ADHD Australia Symbol

Our Symbol - the Dandelion

The Dandelion is a sunny flower full of hope, but is often treated like a lesser flower. Yet it still manages to flourish – often in conditions other flowers can’t. Its seeds travel far and wide and as children it has been used to create wishes. So this flower, that is often treated like a weed, actually brings joy and whimsy to our lives. We see the dandelion as symbolising the ability to rise above life’s challenges. People with ADHD can overcome obstacles through the use of their intelligence and connections with people who can share mutual support in facing life’s challenges. ADHD Australia’s purpose is to move from stigma to acceptance and hope.

Vector Illustration of a colored happy people cartoon holding hands circle

Our Service Ethos

Our Service Ethos is about a generosity of spirit that calls us to go beyond the status quo, to close the gaps experienced by people who are faced with difficulties associated with ADHD and associated conditions. We want to provide hope and change systems so that people have a greater sense of self-worth and the ability to succeed at every stage of life.

We will undertake activities which support our vision and mission in a professional manner with collaboration, respect, integrity, transparency and accountability.