ADHD Australia launches its National ADHD Community Gaps and Priorities Report – 24 October 2020

ADHD Australia launches today its report ‘ADHD Australia National Survey Report: the voice of the ADHD community – highlighting the Gaps and Priorities of ADHD within Australia.’

ADHD Australia are utilising these, and other, findings to shape its strategic work plan for the next three to five years, as well as guide engagement, communications and lobbying. ADHD Australia is keen to ensure future work plans are embedded in the needs of its community and build strategically over time to ensure a sustainable and consolidated approach to achieving improved outcomes for those living with ADHD.

The Survey was designed to establish community need and priority in the areas of overall challenges and gaps for the ADHD community, carers, school, finding the right medications and therapies, managing ADHD, adults with ADHD. It also explored the financial burden of ADHD and the impact of COVID-19 for families with a child with ADHD.

Among many priorities, three key areas of concern stood out in The Survey results.

These are:

  • The cost of life of living with ADHD.
  • The need for schools to truly accommodate, empathise with and understand children with ADHD, to help them meet the unique challenges they face.
  • The need for awareness and understanding of the challenges people at all ages with ADHD face in day-to-day aspects of work, social and family life.

ADHD Australia would like to specifically acknowledge the fantastic assistance that the ADHD Community Support Groups across Australia undertook in promoting and distributing the web links of our gaps survey to their members through their websites and social media channels. We also wish to acknowledge Takeda Pharmaceuticals whose financial support has enabled the survey to be undertaken and the results analysed, reported and distributed.

Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of this report.

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Len Russell