ADHD Global Conference

Global ADHD Conference 2023

In case you missed the Global ADHD Conference for 2023, kicking off ADHD Awareness month around the Globe, watch the Australian hosted segments with our esteemed guests and speakers, including Senator Jordon Steele-John.


ADHD UK welcomes ADHD Australia to the Conference, with ADHD Australia Chair, Matthew Tice and ADHD CEO, Melissa Webster.

Matthew Tice, Chair of ADHD Australia shares an overview of the day and an update on ADHD Australia’s work in FY24 and into the future.

"Thank you to the Global team of charitable organisations who made this Conference a reality, in particular Henry Shelford and his team at ADHD UK. A wonderful achievement and reach to over 96 countries with over 7000 registrants.
Thank you to all the speakers, guests, volunteers, we are truly grateful to have had your support in amplifying the voices of the ADHD Australian Community globally".
Matthew Tice
Matthew Tice
Chair, ADHD Australia