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Research Participation (VIC) – ADHD and sport

By admin / 2019-10-03

RMIT University and the School of Health and Biomedical Science, melbourne, in collaboration with Cricket Australia, seeks participation in their ADHD and physical activity studies. The RMIT research project is looking for children to participate in their research to examine if participating in the ‘Cricket Blast’ program benefits the children with ADHD and would like…

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Shaping the future of disability policy – 2020 & beyond

By admin / 2019-06-11

‘Shaping the future of disability policy for 2020 and beyond’ Submission by ADHD Australia in June 2019 The National Disability Policy Reform Team, from the Department of Social Services (DSS), invited the Australian community to take part in its national consultation process of reviewing disability policies. The current policy reform finishes next year so the…

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Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee submission

By admin / 2019-06-04

Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) Submission by ADHD Australia in June 2019 ADHD Australia recently made an online submission to the next meeting of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) which is to be held in July. ADHD Australia undertook this advocacy step on behalf of all those living with ADHD in an effort to…

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Productivity Commission into Mental Health submission

By admin / 2019-04-05

Productivity Commission into Mental Health contribution by ADHD Australia in April 2019 Scope of the Commission’s Review. ‘The Commission should consider the role of mental health in supporting economic participation, enhancing productivity and economic growth. It should make recommendations, as necessary, to improve population mental health, so as to realise economic and social participation and…

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Community Service Award Winner 2019

By admin / 2019-01-26

Community Service Award for ADHD volunteer – Vivian Dunstan Ms Vivian Dunstan, founder of ADHD Support Australia (previously known as the Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group), was awarded a 2019 Australia Day Outstanding Community Service Award by Mayor Michael Reran of her local Northern Beaches Council in Sydney. She was commended for her dedication to…

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NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) submission

By admin / 2018-11-30

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) contribution by ADHD Australia and the community The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is conducting a review of the NSW Curriculum and invited interested parties to make submissions by 30 November 2018. ADHD Australia’s paper highlighted the issues facing children with ADHD and their families. A big thank you to everyone…

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Rethink ADHD campaign 2018

By admin / 2018-10-01

October is ADHD Awareness Month We are asking members and those interested in promoting ADHD awareness throughout the Australian community to get behind the ‘Rethink ADHD’ campaign this October. The ‘Rethink ADHD’ campaign, during International ADHD Awareness month this October, will be highlighting the need for more awareness and understanding of this neurodevelopmental learning disability to…

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Community Service Award Winner 2018

By admin / 2018-09-05

Community Service Award for ADHD volunteer – Anne Matheson On Wednesday 5th September 2018 Ms Anne Matheson was awarded a Lions Club Community Service Award for her work with ADHD youth. The Lions Club of Ku-Ring-Gai Inc awarded six extraordinary people service awards across areas such as , sport, disabled, aged, environment, art and youth. These community…

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Census 2021 submission

By admin / 2018-06-30

CENSUS 2021 contribution by ADHD Australia and the community Last year the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) invited the community, through its public submission process, to inform them of any recommendations for changes to the 2021 Census. The ABS recognised that there had been no changes to topics since 2006 so there was pent-up high…

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How ADHD Impacts Women – HuffPost

By admin / 2017-05-10

I am not the kind of person for whom neatness comes easily. I can’t keep to a routine. Every surface of my house is piled with clothes, books, and papers (despite living with a minimalist partner). I start many things and rarely finish them. I find it impossible to focus on instructions. I imagine complex,…

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