Collaboration across the mental health charities for systemic change

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Collaboration across the mental health charities for systemic change

On Wed 16 October 2019, Prof Michael Kohn, and Mr Len Russell, our Chair and CEO respectively, attended the inaugural ‘Community Partners Summit’ conducted by Nicole Rogerson from Neurodevelopment Australia. This morning event was generously hosted by Ernst and Young in their Sydney offices.

Neurodevelopment Australia is a new organisation which is looking to help build bridges into the community and family space to ensure advocates and community organisations are at the forefront of governmental policy change and research initiatives.

There were charity representatives, in the Sydney room and on the telephone, from Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome and Tourette’s as well as community representatives from some of these areas. Representing ADHD along with Michael and Len were Mr Paul Schwerdt from ADDACT and Dr Michele Toner from ADHD WA.

Len mentioned that it was a worthwhile time and a great opportunity for those who participated in person in Sydney, and for those who participated on the phone, to contribute their specific knowledge, professional experience and to provide valuable feedback of the issues which each organisation faces for positive systemic change in the way disability is approached within Australia.

The most important aspect of the morning discussion was what each organisation could bring to a combined approach to government on the health, education and disability topics.

ADHD Australia will keep the ADHD Community informed as more information comes to light about this initiative and the impact it will make to the long term benefit of those living with ADHD and its co-occurring conditions.

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