Community Service Award Winner 2018


Community Service Award Winner 2018

Community Service Award for ADHD volunteer – Anne Matheson

On Wednesday 5th September 2018 Ms Anne Matheson was awarded a Lions Club Community Service Award for her work with ADHD youth.

The Lions Club of Ku-Ring-Gai Inc awarded six extraordinary people service awards across areas such as , sport, disabled, aged, environment, art and youth. These community volunteers have tirelessly supported their local communities over many years. Anne Matheson is no exception and was awarded the ‘Services to Youth’ award.

This event was the Lions Club Community Service Awards which are in Memory of John King, one of the Ku-Ring-Gai club’s long standing members.

Anne’s award was presented by Paul Fletcher MP, Federal member for Bradfield ‘for the promotion of activities directed principally to residents of Ku-ring-gai under the age of 26 years.’

Joining and celebrating with Anne at the awards evening was Len Russell, CEO; and Prof Michael Kohn, Chair; of ADHD Australia.

Anne has been a strong advocate for parents of ADHD children. She believes that “the more parents educate themselves about the condition, the more strategies they can develop to help their children become successful.” She strongly asserts that “ADHD is not caused by poor parenting nor is it the fault of the child.” As well, she encourages parents and carers to “embrace the positive behaviours that come with ADHD that include creativity, energy, enthusiasm and intuition.”

Anne has demonstrated commitment, passion and determination in assisting parents and carers with children living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In 2014 she was instrumental in founding the Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group Inc.

Today Macquarie ADHD is an active organisation involving over 500 parents. Its strong profile enables it to attract leaders in the field of ADHD, high profile doctors, paediatricians, and psychologists to share their knowledge in a program of talks, held at Macquarie University. See the link to the Macquarie ADHD support group on our Support Group page.

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