Community & Carers Information Day 2019 (QLD) – Update


Community & Carers Information Day 2019 (QLD) – Update

SUNDAY 28 JULY 2019.

ADHD Australia held its second Community and Carers Information Day in Brisbane during the afternoon of Sun 28 July 2019. We had a small but very engaged group of attendees who listened to the numerous presentations in the first half of the afternoon and then engaged in a Q&A type second half with the panel of speakers.

ADHD Australia gratefully acknowledges the support of AADPA the Australian ADHD Professionals Association in putting on the afternoon.

The afternoon commenced at 2pm with Ms Rose Callaghan where she used her expertise in comedy to speak frankly about her personal experiences of ADHD.

Ms Rose Callaghan

We then were able to hear an informative outline of the reforms which the National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) is undertaking. Ms Christine Morgan (pictured below), current CEO of the NMHC, spoke on what the commission’s role is and how it provides advice not only to Government but also to the wider community.

Ms Christine Morgan

Dr Greg van Wyk emceed the afternoon where we also heard from:
* Lou Brown on ‘The importance of self-compassion when you have ADHD’;
* Monica Hassell on the topic of ‘Fight, Flight, Freeze… or Fib? The fourth F.’;
* A/Prof Emma Sciberras on ‘ADHD and Sleep’;
* Dr Maddi Derrick highlighted the ‘PAAA’s Education in Schools survey results’;
* Dr Michele Toner spoke about Education and ADHD’; and
* Professor Bellgrove (pictured below) highlighted what the Australian ADHD Professionals Association is undertaking in their updating of the ‘Treatment Guidelines for ADHD’

Professor Mark Bellgrove

After the short talks the audience had the opportunity to ask questions directly to all of the speakers. The questions were quite varied and the panel were able to answer them al.

ADHD Australia would like to thank again AADPA for sponsoring the afternoon and a ‘big thank you’ to all the speakers who came and gave up their Sunday afternoon to participate.

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