IMB supports ADHD Australia


IMB supports ADHD Australia

ADHD Australia is supported by a number of companies, trusts and healthcare industry organisations. We welcome their support and funding of our advocacy, education, information and administrative projects.

We will work with ethical industry organisations and you are welcome to view our Policy Statement on how we work with these organisations.

IMB supporting ADHD Australia

On Wednesday 27th June, Illawarra-based IMB Bank awarded funds to enable a new project which will expand a one-stop website for ADHD families across Australia.

ADHD Australia, Westmead Hospital’s Centre for Research into Adolescent’s Health (CRASH) and the Westmead Medical Research Foundation have joined together to undertake a collaborative project which will deliver a modern website to support people with ADHD. The project is called ‘We Have The Answers’ and will be managed by ADHD Australia.

CEO of ADHD Australia, Len Russell, spoke on behalf of these three bodies during the ceremony held in Wollongong where the grant money was officially awarded to the project.

It was the first time since IMB Community Fundraising began in 1999 that a third party was invited to present the keynote speech at such a function.

The reason for this was Mr Russell’s compelling case for the funding to help build a modern, functional and accessible website for the ADHD community. Mr Russell thanked Ms Jan Swinhoe, IMB Community Foundation Chair and IMB Director, for the generous support of the project and the ability to really make a difference for the ADHD community.

ADHD Australia will coordinate the ‘We Have the Answers’ project throughout 2018.

About the IMB Foundation

The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 to provide financial support to community groups with positive ideas and concepts to help them convert their ideas into working projects.

Since its inception, the IMB Community Foundation has granted around $8.6 million to support over 600 projects with a diverse range of themes and purposes throughout local communities.

About IMB

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IMB has a growing branch network throughout the Illawarra, Sydney, NSW South Coast, the ACT and Melbourne.

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