Shaping the future of disability policy – 2020 & beyond


Shaping the future of disability policy – 2020 & beyond

‘Shaping the future of disability policy for 2020 and beyond’
Submission by ADHD Australia in June 2019

The National Disability Policy Reform Team, from the Department of Social Services (DSS), invited the Australian community to take part in its national consultation process of reviewing disability policies. The current policy reform finishes next year so the DSS asked organisations and individuals to help shape the future of its disability policy for a further next 10 years.

ADHD Australia has made an online submission to the National Disability Policy Reform Team in an effort to make our combined ADHD voices heard as our community has been left behind an a number of key areas. ADHD is not acknowledged in government policy as a disability, (e.g. NDIS) and therefor students are not receiving the educational support they require within the school system, there is little support in workplaces and we also have age discrimination when it comes to the availability of some medications under the PBS, especially for those diagnosed with ADHD when they are adults. ADHD is just not being properly recognised and acknowledged.

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