Allow adults with late diagnosis of ADHD to access fair treatment under the PBS

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Allow adults with late diagnosis of ADHD to access fair treatment under the PBS

People diagnosed with ADHD after the age of 18 have only recently been able to access a long-acting form of stimulant medication called Vyvanse on the PBS in February 2021 after much lobbying. Before this change, they were only able to access short-acting medication under the PBS. This is a big step inequitable and affordable treatment. The PBAC also recommended at its March 2020 meeting that the adult ADHD listing changes for adult diagnosis for lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) should flow on to all other long-acting ADHD medicines on the PBS, including methylphenidate (Concerta and Ritalin LA) and atomoxetine (Strattera).
However, this has yet to happen.

There should be no age discrimination on the PBS availability of medications stemming from the age of the individual at diagnosis. Girls and women with ADHD have found it difficult to gain a diagnosis even in adulthood and were often missed in childhood as historically ADHD was thought mostly to be found in boys who were hyperactive and disrupting the classroom. Girls and women are often underdiagnosed and are thus unfairly affected by the age of diagnosis factor. Many only gain a diagnosis later in life and to get a diagnosis of ADHD as adult symptoms have to be present in childhood anyway. It also discriminates against other minorities or those who haven’t had the means to get diagnosed in childhood.
This petition asks to expand the PBS to cover other long-acting stimulant medication for ADHD so adults with a late diagnosis can get fair and affordable access to all treatments.

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