Online Parenting Children with ADHD 6-Week Course

parenting kids with ADHD

Online Parenting Children with ADHD 6-Week Course

This 6-week online course provides you with a solid foundation from which to understand ADHD and better navigate family life.

Suitable for parents/carers of both ADHD children & teens and indeed anyone seeking a better understanding of children with ADHD, including teachers.

The course goal is to inform and empower you to work together with your child to handle the difficulties that come with ADHD by offering practical, workable strategies that will make a difference in the lives of all family members.

The course is facilitated by Vivian Dunstan, Founder & Organiser of ADHD Support Australia. With an ADHD diagnosis herself and as mum to a young adult with ADHD, Vivian has a wealth of lived experience coupled with all she’s learned over the past 8 years running ADHD Support Australia and supporting many parents whist facilitating the course in-person since 2015. She and has now created this online version of the in-person course to share her knowledge and to allow more families to access the course.

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