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Support for ADHD Australia can be achieved in a number of ways. You can financially support ADHD Australia by going to our donation page and directly contributing financially. You can also assist ADHD Australia by volunteering your expertise, pro bono, either as an individual or via your organisation, within areas such as copywriting, legal advice or website development and publishing etc. Another way of supporting ADHD Australia is to have your organisation provide direct in kind support in supplying such things as computing software, hardware or even subsidising the rent for a premises where we can have a more permanent home. Please send us an email to start a conversation at

Financial support

Giving an online donation is easy and secure.

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Corporate involvement

A company can contribute to the work done by ADHD Australia in a number of ways.

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Pro bono and gifts in kind

Individuals and organisations provide additional help using expertise & products.

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Workplace giving

Workplace Giving is easy to set up and manage for both employer and employee.

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A special gift in a Will

Leaving a gift in a Will, now matter how large or small, will enable more to be done.

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Join us on Facebook

ADHD Australia has a Facebook page where you can connect with us and other ADHD groups.

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