Pro bono gifts in kind and services

When companies or individuals provide their expertise/services pro bono or supply us with gifts in kind they ensure that our fundraising costs are kept as low as possible, thus enabling more of the donated funds to go to ADHD advocacy and education.

Providing expertise

If you or your organisation cannot support us financially have you ever thought that you could support us by providing us with your expertise by volunteering. Individuals and companies can directly support ADHD Australia by providing practical pro bono services such as website design or maintenance, copywriting expertise, project management, grant writing or legal advice, just to name a few.

Please contact us to start a discussion about how you or your company can assist us with your expertise at

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Providing goods in kind

Running any company requires the organisation to spend money on the basics such as computer hardware, software as well as office supplies. Companies can help ADHD Australia by providing goods in kind directly to us which will reduce what we spend on these essentials and allow more funds to be directed towards our mission. If your company is able to support us in such a way we would really love to hear from you.

Please contact us to start a discussion about how your company can assist us with providing us with gifts in kind at

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