Workplace giving

Giving a donation to ADHD Australia through your pay is simple and cost effective for both you and us.

Giving via your pay at your workplace

Your donations are processed via your work's payroll system automatically each payday and the tax deduction for you is done there and then. There is no need for you to find receipts when tax time comes around.

The great thing for ADHD Australia is we receive regular donations that enable us to more easily manage our costs throughout the year. This is important as many charities receive a huge spike in donations during the final three months of the tax year and this makes financial management a little harder to do for the leaner months.


Workplace giving 3rd party platforms

If your workplace does not already have a workplace giving program in place then we would like to suggest that you could contact one of a number of third party workplace giving platforms. These organisations assist numerous companies set up and manage the donations from their workplace to a large number of charities.

These 3rd party providers which can assist in setting up a payroll deduction program within your workplace are Benojo, Good2Give, Good Company and 1 Million Donors.