In Schools Education Article


In Schools Education Article

ADHD article emailed to school educators and available on the Schools Governance website.

Published in School Governance 18 October 2018

Children with AD/HD: Best Practices for Promoting Positive Behaviour

In October 2018 ADHD Australia wrote an article which was sent out to over 3,400 subscribers to the CompliSpance database of educators. This went to an estimated 300 schools. The article about ADHD in Schools was written by two of the ADHD Australia board members, who are also clinicians, explaining about ADHD. Complispace asked the recipients if there was a policy in place at their school to accommodate students with ADHD.

The key points of the CompliSpace response to their article were:

* This is one of the highest-read articles in School Governance in 2018 for Complispace.

* 45% of the clicks on the email were for the ADHD article link (just one of three articles in the email).

* They had almost twice as many poll submissions for ADHD in this poll than usual. The result was that 100% of the respondents said there was no ADHD policy at their school to accommodate students with ADHD.

Please click here to visit the CompliSpace article on the Schools Governance website to read the whole piece.

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