Industry Policy Statement

Working with Healthcare Industry Organisations - Policy Statement

In line with the operations of other ADHD organisations throughout the world, Board members of ADHD Australia will consider all viable sources of funding in order to bring vital services to the millions of Australians impacted by ADHD.

ADHD Australia is committed to being a voice for positive change for people living with ADHD by advocating a community that fully supports, understands and accommodates ADHD. We intend to stay the course of this mission by working with companies and other organisations which are ethical in their nature and share this vision.

When ADHD Australia receives support, whether financial or otherwise, it will not be influenced by those companies on how their support is used in ADHD Australia’s advocacy, education resources nor its publications.

The Board will be guided by these principles when selecting funding sources and the terms and conditions of partnerships, sponsorships, grants and donations.