Interruption in supply of VYVANSE 70mg within Australia


Interruption in supply of VYVANSE 70mg within Australia

Shire (a Takeda company), is the manufacturer of VYVANSE who have unfortunately experienced an interruption to their manufacturing for the VYVANSE 70mg. This has resulted in a shortage within Australia of this 70mg dosage strength only.

They expect the supply of the VYVANSE 70mg will return to normal in February 2020.

ADHD Australia has been in contact with Shire, who manufactures VYVANSE, and they have supplied us with a copy of their Patient Letter which outlines the arrangements they are making with community pharmacies. During this shortage, Shire will supply VYVANSE 30mg and VYVANSE 40mg where you would normally collect your VYVANSE 70mg prescription.

To read this letter, which you can take to your pharmacist, please download it via our link here.

If you have further concerns about the arrangements which have been put in place by Shire for individuals who have been prescribed VYVANSE 70mg,pleaswe contact the Shire Medical Information hotline via phone on 1800 012 612 or send an email to them at:

Yours sincerely,
Len Russell
ADHD Australia
December 2019

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