Living with ADHD


Living with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a surprisingly common condition in Australia and although we most commonly associate it with children, it’s a condition that can stay with people into adulthood, creating challenges across their whole lives.

Host, Philip Clark, from the ABC Radio National’s ‘Nightlife’ program, spoke with Associate Professor Michael Kohn, Chair of ADHD Australia, Maddi Derrick, a clinical psychologist from Tasmania, specialising in helping parents who have children with ADHD and Jonathan Hassall, an ADHD coach in Brisbane who assists predominately adults with ADHD.

In the one hour interview they explored diagnosis, medications and other aspects of ADHD which people live with throughout their lives as well as took questions from listeners.

Please click here to follow the link to listen to the podcast which was aired on 5 August 2019 on the ABC Radio National program ‘Nightlife with Philip Clark’

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