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ADHD Australia produces its newsletter regularly. It is compiled with stories from the perspective of parents, paediatricians, researchers as well as other clinical professionals. We like to highlight what other ADHD groups are doing overseas as well as what is happening here in Australia with the challenges those living with ADHD are specifically faced with.

The Voice newsletter

If you have a story to tell or would like to make suggestions for articles please contact us at communications@adhdaustralia.org.au

ADHD produces its newsletter regularly so if you have already subscribed you will be able to receive notification as soon as it is produced. If you would like to join those who receive our notices and newsletter via email please fill in the form on this page.

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ADHD news

We have written and linked to a number of articles, videos or online stories which can be found below.

We would also like to hear from you, especially if you have a story to tell which could be linked online to or be included into our newsletter. You may have some insight into how you or your family member is living with ADHD. We would be interested in hearing your story.

Please contact us at communications@adhdaustralia.org.au if you have something to share.


In the Media

In the Media - links to TV and online stories

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