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Jonathan Hassall
Current Board Member

Jonathan Hassall is a fulltime ADHD and EF Coach within his private practice in Brisbane, he is also a Director of Connect ADHD Coaching, Co-convenor of CLADICC (Psychiatry ADHD Peer Review group), Co-programs developer, Parent Partner Coach programs (US/AU collaborative coaching program group).

Jonathan’s previous roles included:
Clinical Research Scientist, Eli Lilly Australia/New Zealand (ADHD Medical Lead Advisor)
Medical Liaison, ADHD, Eli Lilly Australia
National Sales Manager, Addictions, Reckitt Benkiser Australia/New Zealand
Networks and Communications Manager, Toowong Private Hospital

Why ADHD Australia?
I have been an active mental health professional for 18 years with an active engagement in ADHD treatment for the last 10 years. Over this time I have been fortunate to have been supported in establishing a robust education in ADHD and particularly neurological & behavioural research related to ADHD. This culminated in conducting speaking tours of major centres in Australia and New Zealand providing education to health professionals regarding ADHD and treatment options. With my work as an ADHD coach, I have found continued opportunities and growth in the understanding of the ADHD experience which further highlights the potential improvements already there but as yet difficult to access for people experiencing ADHD. I have a strong passion for education, collaboration and the promotion of treatment standards that reflect current literature which includes removal of stigma.

Qualifications: BN

Certifications: ACC – Associate Certified Coach (ADD Coaches Academy)
(further coaching certification in progress)