Research Participation 2019 (VIC) – ADHD and sport


Research Participation 2019 (VIC) – ADHD and sport

RMIT University and the School of Health and Biomedical Science, melbourne, in collaboration with Cricket Australia, seeks participation in their ADHD and physical activity studies.

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The RMIT research project is looking for children to participate in their research to examine if participating in the ‘Cricket Blast’ program benefits the children with ADHD and would like to seek your help.

Study participant recruitment commences 1 September 2019.
Study participant recruitment will cease on 1 February 2020

This is a pilot study with cricket community clubs only around Melbourne region at this stage. It is an 8-week cricket play program with 3-time measurements on physical activity, sleep, cognitive function, and ADHD symptoms. We are endeavouring to provide coaches and volunteers with some training and guide information to better understand how to interact well with children with ADHD which parents of children with ADHD are most concerned about from our qualitative research earlier this year. This component should address and deal with concerns of most parents/caregivers on this program.
If any parents/caregivers are interested in this program, they are encouraged to leave their contact information through the link here: .

Download the project flyer here which outlines the research program and the contacts for this interesting research.

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