Research Participation – 2020 DEC – University of Western Australia (WA-Online)


Research Participation – 2020 DEC – University of Western Australia (WA-Online)

University of Western Australia – Engaging Parents in Online Interventions for their child’s behaviour problems.

Our team at the University of Western Australia is developing a study which aims to better understand Online Interventions for their Child’s Behaviour Problems by Using Action Planning. 


Online parenting programs can help support parents to improve their child’s behaviour problems. But not all parents who start an online program finish it. In this study, we want to know…

What influences parents’ views and use of evidence-based, online parenting support programs?

Can helping parents plan their use of online programs help them complete the program?  

We hope to use information from this project to help parents of children with behaviour problems benefit from online support.

The team is recruiting parents of young children (2–10 years) with behaviour problems to the study.

Participation is completely online and involves:

  • Completing a 20-25 minute survey including questions about the parent, their child, their opinions about online programs, and circumstances due to COVID-19
  • Reading a description of an online parenting program.
  • An offer to enrol in the online parenting program.
  • If a parent chooses to enrol, we will ask them some questions about their views, and likely use, of the program. They will then be asked to complete an online registration form before being emailed a code to access the program. Parents will be sent up to 2 emails to remind them to access the program. Program access lasts 12 months once activated.

You are invited to take part if you:

  • Are a parent of a 2-10 year old child, for whom your main concern is their behaviour problems (e.g., defiance, breaking rules).
  • Are not enrolled in a parenting program currently, or in the past 6 months.
  • Have access to a computer with a broadband internet connection
  • Are fluent in English

The following link directs interested parents to the participant information and consent forms:

The chief investigators of this research project are:
Associate Professor Alina Morawska, Deputy Director (Research), Parenting and Family Support Centre School of Psychology, The University of Queensland and,
Professor Matthew Sanders, Director, Parenting and Family Support Centre, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland.

CLICK HERE to download the study information flyer.

Participation in this research project is open now and will close by March 2021 (dependant on participant recruitment).

The results from this project will be available around December 2021.

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