Research Participation – 2020 NOV – Monash University (VIC)


Research Participation – 2020 NOV – Monash University (VIC)

Monash University – Social and cognitive function in ADHD Teens.

Our team at Monash University is developing a study which aims to better understand the link between inattention and impulsivity, and social skills in ADHD for teens. 

The chief investigators of this research project are: Professor Kim Cornish (Director – Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health/ Head of School of Psychological Sciences – Monash University) and Dr Hannah Kirk (NHMRC research fellow)

While cognitive difficulties such as intention and poor impulse control are characteristic of ADHD, children and adolescents with ADHD also often present with difficulties forming and maintaining social relationships, which in turn can impact academic functioning, mental health and overall quality of life. Despite the high rate of social difficulties (between 50-80% of children and adolescents with ADHD) and the negative effects these have on other areas of life, there are currently a lack of interventions to effectively improve social functioning in ADHD.

Current interventions tend to focus on learning social rules and norms, despite evidence that social difficulties in ADHD are likely due to underlying cognitive difficulties rather than a lack of social knowledge.

This study therefore aims to better understand how cognitive difficulties contribute to social difficulties in ADHD, which will may then inform the development of targeted and effective social interventions.

The study is seeking to recruit teenagers (aged 13-18 years) who reside in Melbourne and have a diagnosis of ADHD. Participants will be asked to attend a 1.5-2 hour assessment session at Monash University which involves completing several computerised tasks and questionnaires focused on cognitive and social functioning. Families will be reimbursed for travel costs, and teenagers will be provided with a movie voucher or $15 Xbox voucher to thank them for their time.

For further information, please contact the project lead, Erin McKay for consent forms, explanatory statement and any other study information or related queries.

CLICK HERE to download the study information flyer.

Results from this project will be available around November 2021.

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