Research Participation 2020 (Online) – Monash University (VIC)


Research Participation 2020 (Online) – Monash University (VIC)

Monash University – School of Psychological Sciences, is undertaking research into the Diagnosis and Management of Children with Autism and ADHD (DAMCAA) Study.

An easy to complete survey that promises to offer some great insights into barriers/ challenges faced by families.

The DAMCAA study is looking for families across Australia who have a child aged 18 years and under who have been diagnosed with ASD and/or ADHD in the last 6 years. We know the process of diagnosis can be long and complex, so we want to better understand why it can take some families years to get a diagnosis and others a few months, how common adverse side effects from medications are, and how many different treatments or supports families try before finding the right one.

Study participant recruitment commences 1 February 2020.
Study participant recruitment will cease on 30 December 2020.

The online questionnaire takes approximately 60-75 minutes per child to complete. However, parents DON’T have to complete it all at once!! At the bottom of every page there is a “Save & Return” button and this lets them send the survey to their own email (we don’t keep it) to pick up wherever they left off.

For further information, please download the project flier here which outlines the research program and the contacts at Monash University for this interesting research project.
To complete the online questionnaires:

Results from this project will be available in late 2020 or early 2021.

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