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Are you running your own business, or are you someone wanting to start up your own business venture?
Do you want to have your say at how ADHD has been a positive (or negative) influence for you in your career?

If so, then there is a research project which you can assist with during early 2019.

RMIT is conducting a research project to study the positive aspects of ADHD. If you currently operate your own business or are planning to head down the small business path, you are invited to take part in an exciting new research project linking insights in psychology and entrepreneurship.

The research focuses on how ADHD traits are linked to entrepreneurial outcomes and on the role these traits play at different stages of an entrepreneurial process. Participation in this research project is open until the end of May 2019.

You can join the study if you have ADHD and have set up (or are in the process of setting up) your own business. Participants can be from anywhere within Australia. Interviews will be conducted face-to-face at our office in Melbourne or at alternate venues within Australia by agreement. We know that your time is valuable and the interviews will most likely be completed within 90 minutes.


This research project wishes to answer the following:
“How do entrepreneurs with ADHD experience or experienced their entrepreneurial process?” and
“Do the behavioural symptoms of ADHD have different meanings and roles in the different phases of the entrepreneurial process?”

There are a number of themes, which the questions you will be asked will be grouped around, to stimulate conversations. These themes will cover things like:
Your work-life identity and story;
Your experience of work (and self);
Any coping strategies, help seeking behaviour and contexts of recovery;
Your perceptions of stigma;
Insights and learning you may have had.

If you are looking to find out more about this exciting research project you can go to the RMIT project group’s (entrepreneurship and innovation) website at: https://sites.rmit.edu.au/rmitbusinessresearch/entrepreneurship-and-innovation/.

You may like to ring the researcher Antti Kauppinen, D.Sc., Lecturer (Entrepreneurship), RMIT University, Collage of Business, School of Management on antti.kauppinen@rmit.edu.au or give her a ring on her mobile phone 0457 059 862 to obtain more information directly from the researcher and their team.

Please note that this research project has been reviewed by the university’s ethics committee and complies with its standards of research.

ADHD Australia would really like to encourage those entrepreneurs who have started their own business or are thinking of starting their own business to participate in this research which is looking at the positive aspects of ADHD and business.