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Australia and International evidence-based research is conducted to improve the quality of life of persons with ADHD and their families.

Research participation

There are a number of Universities and Medical Research Institutes which conduct evidence-based research within Australia. ADHD Australia encourages you and your family to participate in the ethical research projects if you are able to do so. These ethical research projects ensure that your details and your responses are treated in confidence and that you nor your family members can be identified in the reports which are published.

Please go to our Research Participation pages to find out about current research projects being undertaken.

ADHD Cognition study information page.

ADHD and Entrepreneurship (2019) information page.

Rural Mothers study information page.

Lifestyle study information page.

MyNap (sleep) study information page.

Research articles

ADHD Australia recognises the time and effort which researchers undertake to have their evidence-based research published and the other organisations within Australia and from around the world which support persons with ADHD and their families.

Please go to our resources page with numerous links to research.

International Research