Resources and Support

Information and Support Services across Australia

ADHD Australia has collated a number of helpful resources which may be of interest to those people affected by ADHD. Below are links to some contacts for supporter groups and online information resources.

Support groups contact information

There are a number of Support Groups across the country which have been set up by dedicated volunteers to assist adults, parents and educators. These groups either meet online and/or face to face, some with guest speakers.

Please click here go to our Support Groups contact page to connect with these groups.


Books, Websites and Factsheets

ADHD Australia recognises that there are numerous books and online resources which can assist individuals and their families as they seek strategies and treatments for those living with ADHD. We have grouped a number of resources which you are able to view. So please look at the Australian and Overseas resources we have collated for you view via the links below.

Australian Resources

Overseas Resources

Factsheets (coming soon so please see the embedded documents in the About ADHD information tabs when they are available)

GP and Specialist Directory & other Gov't Health Initiatives

Various Australian Government departments have online information which can be of assistance.

There is general information about health as well as some specific information on health conditions such as ADHD  and the other comorbidity disorders. There is even a listing of Australian General Practitioners and specialists.

Please visit our Directory Listing page for more details on these Government initiatives.