Directory and information listing

ADHD Australia has collated a number of helpful links to Australian government directories which may be of interest to you.

Health Direct Australia

Healthdirect Australia is a national public health information service within Australia. Originally known as the National Health Call Centre Network, Healthdirect Australia offers access to free health helplines as well as online health information and advice. They also have an online health services directory of General Practitioner (GP) doctors and specialists.

Go to to find a GP or Specialist in your area.

Head to Health

Head to health is an Australian Federal Government Department website initiative having a website which has a number of ways in which to help people find the right mental health resources.

Head to Health gives you a bird's eye view on the topic of mental health and well-being with sections on meaningful life, mental health difficulties, supporting yourself, and supporting someone else.

Head to Health has information on:
Anxiety disorders
Bipolar & related disorders
Depressive disorders
Eating disorders
Obsessive-compulsive & related disorders
Other difficulties
Personality disorders
Schizophrenia & psychosis
Drugs, alcohol & other substance-related or addictive disorders
Suicidal thoughts
Trauma & stress

Head to Health is not a place for any type of detailed advice or information.
They do not have a listing of GP or specialists but this can be found at the Health Direct website noted above.

Special Note

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