Resumption of supply of INTUNIV® 1mg and VYVANSE® 70mg within Australia


Resumption of supply of INTUNIV® 1mg and VYVANSE® 70mg within Australia

Shire (a Takeda company), is the manufacturer of VYVANSE and INTUNIV which unfortunately had experienced some interruption of the supply of both medications over the Christmas holiday period.

ADHD Australia has been in contact with Shire, who manufactures INTUNIV 1mg and VYVANSE 70mg, and I am pleased to advise that both products have now returned to normal supply and are available through wholesalers that supply community pharmacies.

Is now available for supply to community pharmacies through all 3 conventional wholesalers.
Is now available for supply to pharmacies through two of the major wholesalers, with the third wholesaler due to receive stock shortly.

Patients who have been provided with substitute prescriptions for VYVANSE 30mg + VYVANSE 40mg, to make up the 70mg dose, should return to filling their VYVANSE 70mg prescription when they next need to refill.
To minimise inconvenience to patients who have been prescribed these substitute packs, Shire (a Takeda company) will continue to provide free of charge VYVANSE 30mg and 40mg substitutes, and reimburse the dispensing fee (for pharmacists), until the 29th February 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Shire Medical Information via phone on 1800 012 612 or email them at

Yours sincerely,
Len Russell
ADHD Australia
February 2020

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