Support Group event (NSW) – 7 Sept


Support Group event (NSW) – 7 Sept

IN SYDNEY – Saturday 7 September 2019.
“What Happens to Your Attention in ADHD”.

The session is a unique opportunity to not only learn more about ADHD but also contribute to important ADHD research about how we best explain it to others!
The purpose of this meeting is to find out about the day-to-day experiences of adults with ADHD and is open to Adults with ADHD, Partners, Family Members and Carers.
The outcome hoped for is to agree on an analogy or illustration that people can relate to, that is also understandable for people who do not have ADHD.
A greater understanding of what it means to have ADHD, may help with lobbying government for adequate resources – medical and other support services.

LED BY Dr Alison (Sally) Poulton, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School Nepean, University of Sydney
WHERE: St Barnabas Centre, 57-61 Mountain St, ULTIMO (near Broadway)
TIME: 2.00 PM – 4.00 PM (includes afternoon tea at the end of the session)
More information can be found on the information flyer which can be downloaded here.

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