The CUB Study (Communicating and Understanding your Baby)


The CUB Study (Communicating and Understanding your Baby)

Communicating and Understanding your Baby

The CUB Study is recruiting now, through to June 30, 2022

We want to understand how to help parents better understand their baby’s early social and communication abilities.  La Trobe University is currently inviting Melbourne-based pregnant women whose baby has a family history of ADHD, autism or intellectual disability.  

The CUB Study (Communicating and Understanding your Baby) is a world-first clinical trial evaluating a parent-led intervention program for babies and parents.  This program is the first of a baby’s life to help parents to learn about the skills and capabilities of newborns, with the aim of enriching parent-baby interactions.  

Participation commences when mum is in her second or third trimester of pregnancy, through to when the baby turns 2 years of age.  Half of our participants are randomised to the new program, and the other half are randomised to developmental monitoring.  All babies receive developmental monitoring throughout the study, with a full behavioural developmental assessment at 9 months of age, and again when they exit the study at 2 years of age.  

We are recruiting pregnant woman who either themselves or their partner have a diagnosis.  This can also include further family members:

  • ADHD & intellectual disability: can include biological parent or sibling of baby.
  • Autism: can include biological parent or sibling of baby, as well as aunt, uncle or grandparent.

Families can self-refer to the study at any point during their pregnancy, by getting in touch with the CUBS research team at La Trobe University.  This study is also being conducted in Perth, so eligible families living there should also please get in touch.

To read more information, please visit our website by CLICKING HERE 

Contact: Alex Aulich, CUB Study Coordinator, , 03 9479 2891.

La Trobe University

The CUB Study is led by Dr Kristelle Hudry, Assoc. Prof. in Developmental Psychology, La Trobe University, and Prof. Andrew Whitehouse, Director, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth.

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