Why is ADHD still so Stigmatised? – from Triple J’s The Hack program – 29 October 2020


Why is ADHD still so Stigmatised? – from Triple J’s The Hack program – 29 October 2020

Triple J HACK’s reporter Ange McCormack speaks with Rachel Worsley and Professor Michael Kohn about and asks “Why is ADHD still so stigmatised?” as Australians with the disorder call for greater awareness and support.

Posted on the Triple J’s Hack website on Thu 29 Oct 2020.

Rachel Worsley

Rachel a 27-year-old business owner from Sydney, and you’ll often find her happily working from her local cafe. She was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 25.

She’s pretty much the opposite of the naughty-kid-in-the-classroom stereotype that probably comes to mind when you picture ADHD.

“I think a lot of people think it’s a boys’ thing. They think it’s about bouncing off the walls, that kind of thing. That’s why I never suspected I had it either,” Rachel told Hack.

Prof Michael Kohn

Professor Michael Kohn, the chair of ADHD Australia, told Hack that there’s a long way to go in terms of breaking down the stigma and misconceptions around ADHD. “There’s lots of debates about what ADHD is and what it means to have it. But the voice of those people in the community with ADHD was missing in the conversation. [In the survey they said] they wanted their teachers, their peers, their employers, to be able to understand that ADHD isn’t laziness, it’s not being dumb.”

To read more about what Rachel and Professor Kohn said to Triple j’s HACK then s’s story CLICK on the link below and head off to Triple J’s HACK website. Sourced from https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/programs/hack/adhd-survey-stigma-diagnosis/12823934 on 29/10/2020

To read ADHD Australia’s ‘Under the Radar’ survey report CLICK on the link below.

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