Our Priorities

The draft priorities have been drawn up in conjunction with the draft mission and vision of the founding directors of ADHD Australia. This draft set of priorities have been established in order to address the current situation ADHD and associated conditions in Australia. ADHD usually presents with other conditions

1.Improve access to high quality services and support:

Form collaborative relationships and networks; that supports and improves mental health, social and emotional wellbeing of individuals affected by ADHD; provide a centralised point of contact offering support for anyone seeking assistance with ADHD or related issues; evidence based information, resources and an extensive database of support services. Provide support services and/or referral system for individuals to local resources where available. Create a system of evidence based research, communication, education and training programs that delivers consistent information.

2.Improve the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of all Australians:

By forming a professional policy and legal working group, ADHD Australia Limited will provide strategic leadership through representation and consultation with government authorities; through engagement with policy makers, regulatory bodies and legislative bodies to provide consultation and specific input to ensure ADHD inclusion i.e. (updating and releasing ADHD guidelines); partner with government authorities to provide a consolidated voice and to influence policy changes, regulations and funding decisions that will create and improved mental health, social and wellbeing for all Australians where ADHD presents daily challenges.

3.Improve the mental health, social and emotional wellbeing of all Australians: 

By liaising with professional researchers, to provide a cohesive national centre for research where accurate information relating to identification of factors associated with ADHD is distributed; through collaboration and engagement with researchers, identify and contribute to research that will support people affected by ADHD and disseminate accurate information to Australian communities. Eliminate existing gaps associated with growing demands for support and services.

4.Promote person-centred approaches: 

Be the authentic, authoritative and coherent national advocacy voice on behalf of people living with ADHD or associated conditions. Create a positive public awareness and improved understanding strategy to reduce the stigma associated with ADHD. Partner with government and organisations to establish marketing and advertising campaigns to change attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing ADHD. Develop a more accepting, supportive and non-stigmatising understanding of ADHD within Australia.

5.Focus on early detection and intervention. Improve access to high quality services and supports:

Engage with government authorities, professionals and medical research teams to provide a clinical voice on behalf of ADHD communities. Work to standardise legislation of diagnosis, medication, dosages and availability of a national script policy. Actively participate in legislation and policy decisions that will establish consistency with diagnostic procedures across Australia including early detection and early intervention strategies.

6.Improve the social and economic participation of people with mental illness. Improve the mental health, social and emotional wellbeing of all Australians: 

Develop and deliver high quality support services through an expansion program that provides ADHD support into at risk and isolated communities and communities where the existence of support is missing. Partner with government, non-government, corporate, private, and community organisations in order to efficiently create effective and well integrated support services Australia wide.

7.Improve access to high quality services and supports: 

Collaborate with local ADHD support groups and individuals through facilitation/coordination of a holistic program focused on delivering a seamless, person centred national support system. Increase access and availability of quality and sustainable support for any individual, family or community through these partnerships.

8.Focus on early detection and intervention Improve the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of all Australians:

Through collaboration, education, learning and development create networks and collaborative relationships within ADHD and associated communities to provide a holistic approach to early detection and intervention. Partner with relevant others, to create and deliver training, education and support services that will assist professionals working in the area of ADHD and associated disadvantages.


Our VISION is to create a society that positively promotes and values an individuals’ journey through life: Creates a future for our children and young adults where possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for everyone regardless of barriers of learning differences associated with ADHD or related issues: Provides a seamless national Australia wide support system that provides services to individuals, families, communities and organisations helping alleviate or remove this disadvantage.


We currently have many volunteer roles available across Australia so if you have the passion, the time and have expertise in one or more of our areas of need we would love to hear from you.  To view our areas of need, please click here to view these areas on our Expression of Interest form. If there is an area that you are passionate about please complete the form and submit via email to us at  secretary@adhdaustralia.org.au.

 ADHD Australia is an emerging national organisation poised to support anyone where ADHD affect the lives of people. In order to achieve our Vision we will require many passionate volunteers to offer their time and expertise.

As a national organisation our vision reflects a collective commitment to reducing stigma and isolation around ADHD and associated issues with an emphasis on improved social and emotional wellbeing of anyone affected by ADHD.

Our aim is to create a society that promotes and values an individuals’ journey to maximise their wellbeing through high quality and evidence based support services and to reduce current gaps in support, particularly in rural and remote locations where isolation and scarcity of support services exists.


Why Partner With Us

ADHD Australia invites Corporate organisations, Businesses, Foundations along with  Government and Non Government organisations to  partner with us at both national and local levels.  Our organisation operates at peak body level and all levels through to community level, and in all States across Australia. Our Vision is to support people of all ages from child to adult so that they can realise their dreams and expectations without disadvantage. ADHD Australia aims to establish support groups Australia wide in metropolitan, regional and rural areas.

ADHD Australia looks forward to receiving support from key partners because we take an evidence-based, best-practice approach to the design, implementation & evaluation of our support and services. Our priority is to develop an infrastructure and establish processes that will close gaps  in current systems.

About Us

About Us

ADHD Australia Limited founding directors are volunteers who have a passion to bridge the ADHD support gap for all Australians where lives of individuals, families and communities are affected by ADHD. This is in addition to their current careers and commitments outside of this newly formed organisation. ADHD Australia founding Directors are actively seeking other Directors to engage and guide the organisation forward.

Collaboratively they have established ADHD Australia Limited and are committed to creating a positive and holistic society where ADHD does not disadvantage the opportunities and dreams of those living with this lifelong condition.

ADHD Australia Founding Directors

Joy Toll OAM, founder and President ADDults with ADHD (NSW) Inc: Counsellor, ADHD parent and grandparent, also founder of the parent group movement in NSW:

Chris Malcher, Vice President ADDults with ADHD (NSW) Inc: IT Design Centre Lead, Department of Social Services Canberra:

Leigh Laurence, Board member ADDults with ADHD (NSW) Inc: ADHD relative, Manager External Relations at Pfizer Australia:

Michele Toner, PhD, PCC, PCAC, ADHD Consultant and Coach: Past President of the Board of LADS Perth WA: Professional Advisory Board of LADS in Perth WA:

Dympna Brbich, MBL (Business Leadership), BBus, National Specialist Medical Registrar Training Program Administrator: St John of God Health Care Inc., Consultant: Specialist Medical Registrar Training Program Manager; Health Care Marian Centre Pty Ltd . Perth WA: Past Business Operations Manager LADS Learning and Attentional Disorders Society Perth. WA.